A woman has been awarded for her weight loss efforts, which resulted in the remission of her type 2 diabetes.
Linda Barto, from Ashtead, Surrey, was presented with the South East Weight Watchers Cover Star award by celebrity Patsy Kensit last week after managing to cut her body weight by a third.
Mrs Barton decided to lose weight as she was approaching her 50th birthday. She had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and turned to the Weight Watchers for help.
After joining the weight loss programme in January 2012, the 51 year-old started exercising regularly and eating healthily and has since seen her weight fall from 18 stone 9.5 to 12 stone 5. The mum-of-one has also dropped five dress sizes and is now able to control her blood sugar levels without the need for anti-diabetic medication.
She said: “The eating plan’s brilliant as it’s not that restricting at all. If you make healthy choices it’s amazing how much you can eat.
“It’s a complete lifestyle change. You can’t just stop as you will put weight on. It’s about being in control.”
Mrs Barton added: “I don’t need to take any medication for diabetes or blood pressure now. The doctor was amazed and said medication can’t do what I have done to control it.”

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