Diabetes community offended by Metro article

Here at we have recently received a number of emails regarding an article published online in the Metro.
The article was one of many that highlighted new figures from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) showing that the UK has the world’s fifth-highest rate of children with type 1 diabetes – a story we also covered earlier this week.
However, the Metro’s version of the story has caused outrage amongst many readers due to its sensationalist heading of ‘Parents blamed for high diabetes rates’.
The article suggested that the high rate of child type 1 diabetes in the UK is being driven by parents failing to notice the four main type 1 symptoms – frequent urination, increased thirst, extreme tiredness and unexplained weight loss.
But the article was quickly amended after a number of people, including many with type 1 diabetes, correctly pointed out that noticing symptoms early on speeds up diagnosis which can help prevent complications from arising, but does not have an effect on the actual development of type 1 diabetes – a condition that cannot be prevented or cured. is pleased that strong reader feedback has prompted the article to be changed.

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