Free diabetes education for Worcestershire residents

Diabetic patients in Worcestershire are being offered the chance to learn more about their condition through a range of free education courses.
To help people gain a better understanding of diabetes, the countys Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is offering three courses to all existing and newly diagnosed diabetics .
These include diabetes X-PERT, a six-week training course for people with type 2 diabetes; DAFNE, a six-day course for managing type 1 diabetes; and XPERT Insuli, a six-week course for all insulin-using diabetics .
The courses will be held in 11 venues across Worcestershire and are taught by diabetes specialist nurses or dieticians two or three times a year.
Each session has eight to 15 places available, and anyone that is interested in attending will need to be referred by their GP .
According to latest health statistics, approximately three million people in the UK are living with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Of these, 28,000 are in Worcestershire and this figure is expected to grow by 100 every month over the next few years.

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