The dangers of type 2 diabetes will be highlighted in a new documentary based on the Welsh rugby legend Ray Gravell and his battle with the disease.
Gravell was forced to retire from the game after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2001. In April 2007, his right leg was amputated following a deterioration in his condition.
Not long after losing his leg, he was contacted by BBC Cymru Wales about the prospect of making a television documentary about his post-surgery recovery.
After discussing the idea carefully with his family, Gravell agreed to the request as he knew that such a programme would help raise awareness about the harsh effects of type 2 diabetes.
Filming of Gravell and his family both in public and private began soon after, but only six months later, on October 31, 2007, the Rugby star-turned commentator died of a heart attack brought on by complications of his diabetes whilst on a family holiday in Spain.
The footage remained unseen until New Year’s Day 2013, when the Welsh language programmen, Grav: ‘Sdim Cywilydd Mewn Llefain was broadcast.
However, it will now be shown in English for the first time as part of Live Longer Wales — a season of programmes from BBC Cymru Wales inspiring people to change their lives.
Ray Gravell: Life with Diabetes follows life with Ray Gravell and his family as he recovers from amputation surgery and gets used to living with a prosthetic limb. The programme also includes new interviews conducted recently with Ray’s wife Mari and their daughter Mano, among others.
“Anybody watching the programme who thinks that they may have diabetes, don’t be afraid to go and check it out — you need to do that,” Mari said.
“It’s a complete change of lifestyle I suppose, and that is difficult, but there’s a lot of help available now, so it’s the sooner the better.”
The programme will be aired on BBC One Wales at 8.30pm on Monday 21 October 21 on BBC One Wales.

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