Hypo treatment boxes rolled out in Lincolnshire hospitals

Hospitals in Lincolnshire have taken the step of introducing special ‘hypo boxes’ to help treat people with diabetes who suffer a sudden drop in blood sugar whilst on a ward.
The boxes, which contain fizzy drinks and glucose supplies, have been introduced by the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust in an effort to allow diabetic patients who suffer hypoglycaemia or a ‘hypo’ to treat their low blood sugar levels quickly and bring them back into the normal range.
Anne Prestt, lead nurse for Diabetes at the Trust, said: “We have a much higher rate of diabetes in Lincolnshire than the national average and it is vital that our staff have access to all the information they need about hypoglycaemia and how to prevent it.
“We have introduced hypo boxes on all wards which include all the equipment necessary to treat a hypo such as Lucozade to be used initially and intravenous glucose if the hypo is more severe.”
She added that all hospital wards will also be provided with information packs for staff, which will contain copies of the hypo algorithm outlining “the management of hypos in hospital”.
The new measures have been made to coincide with this year’s national Hypo Awareness Week (September 9th to 13th) which is being supported by the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.

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