New LifeScan blood glucose meters available in the UK and Ireland

LifeScan have announced the availability of new OneTouch Verio IQ blood glucose meters with a software correction update.
In March of this year, LifeScan announced a worldwide voluntary recall of three of its blood glucose monitors; Verio IQ, Verio Pro, and Verio Pro+.
People with diabetes that had a Verio Pro will be sent a new Verio IQ, which boasts a colour screen as well as alerting users of the meter to trends of high or low blood glucose levels at similar times of day.
The voluntary recall was caused by a software error which was found to occur at very high blood sugar levels of 56.8 mmol/L or more, causing the machine to switch off instead of displaying a safety message.
The new Verio IQ monitors have had this error fixed and will be available to those that had their previous OneTouch meter recalled.
In addition to the corrected blood glucose meters, OneTouch will shortly be unveiling a new lancing device, the Delica lancing system, which allows for discreet and easy finger lancing for blood tests.

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