A novel drug treatment for type 2 diabetes could soon be available to adult patients in the UK following approval from European regulators.
AstraZeneca PLC announced today that Xigduo, co-developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb as part of the two companies’ diabetes drug collaboratio, has been approved in the European Union for use in adult type 2 diabetes patients as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve blood glucose control.
The new medication is specifically targeted at patients who cannot adequately control their blood glucose levels through the use of metformin – the first line drug treatment for type 2 diabetes – or who are currently being treated with both metformin and dapagliflozin (Forxiga) – a relatively new SGLT2 inhibitor – as separate tablets.
Xigduo combines these two oral hypoglycemic agents into one daily tablet, offering doctors a novel approach to treating type 2 diabetes.
“Xigduo is an important addition to the range of medicines to help patients manage glycemic control,” Elisabeth Bjork, Vice President of Head of Late Phase Cardiovascular and Metabolic Development, at AstraZenecan, said.
“We recognize that not all patients are alike and that different treatments are needed, supporting a more personalised approach to disease management.”
“Metformin has long been a standard of diabetes care, and with the Xigduo approval, we now have an SGLT2 inhibitor and metformin combination product representing an innovative option for treating adults with type 2 diabetes,” she added.

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