A new blood glucose meter that aims to make it easier for people with diabetes to stay on top of their condition has been launched by LifeScan.
The easy-to-use OneTouch Verio device is the latest in the company’s line of blood glucose monitoring systems for diabetes patients, and comes with a range of new features designed to make blood glucose testing results simple to understand.
Key information is immediately provided on-screen with every blood sugar test result, and a colour-coded range indicator shows whether a current test result is below, within or above their personal glucose range.
The meter also provides reassuring feedback and progress notes to let patients know when their results are consistently in range or back in range, thereby giving them the motivation to self-manage their diabetes.
Dr Stefaan Wens, Regional Medical Affairs Lead, LifeScan EMEA, said in a statement: “The OneTouch Verio Meter is a welcome addition to the Verio family of blood glucose monitoring meters. It is ideal for patients who want fast and immediate feedback and the colour coded range indicator is easy to understand. The achievement and progress notes provide positive reinforcement, helping to motivate people with diabetes and encourage them to better manage their condition.”
During trials of the OneTouch Verio, LifeScan say 94% of participants reported being able to easily interpret the results of their finger prick tests after just one week of using the device.
“Blood glucose monitoring is a key part of the management of diabetes, but many patients feel overwhelmed by the volume of information that they receive and are not always sure how best to act,” Julie Widdowso, Diabetes Educator/Practitioner in West Norfolk, explained.
“The OneTouch Verio Meter clearly demonstrates whether patients are within their recommended blood glucose range, and this simple message coupled with education about the required response will help patients feel more confident about managing their condition.”
For more information on the OneTouch Verio blood glucose monitor and other related products and services, visit Lifescan.co.uk.

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