Insulin Angel tracks location and temperature of diabetes medication

Crowdfunding has begun for Insulin Angel, a device to help people with diabetes track medication on their smartphone.
Crowdfunding is where an idea is presented to a large audience in the hope that donations serve to develop the idea into an actual product.
Insulin Angel is designed to monitor the temperature of medications to within less than one degreen, to stop them from deteriorating.
For people with type 1 diabetes, insulin can be tracked so that if it becomes too hot or cold to work effectively, an alert will be sent courtesy of a proximity sensor and a temperature sensor.
Insulin Angel coordinates with a custom mobile application and also assesses how far away people’s medication is from their smartphone.
If insulin or anything else inside a medication bag – where the sensor is implanted – is lost, or left behind anywhere, a notification will appear on the user’s smartphone.
CEO Steve Miller, whose son has type 1 diabetes, wanted to develop Insulin Angel in case his son lost his medication somewhere, while co-founder Amin Zavani, who was born in Tunisia, knows that the temperature of medication can be an issue when travelling in warmer climates.
Insulin Angel launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo on April 8 2015, where donations and orders for the £33 gadget and app can be made. Deliveries are expected to be made by June.
It the gadget raises its target of £37,000 by May 9 successfully launches this year, Miller and Zavani hope to manufacture the initial 2000-3000 units and then seek partnerships to launch mass adoption of Insulin Angel.

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