The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new, larger capacity Humalog insulin pen called the Humalog KwikPen.
The pe, which is a pre-filled, rapid-acting insulin pe, could provide a more effective way for people with diabetes to improve their blood glucose control.
The Humalog KwikPen holds double the amount of insulin (600 units, as opposed to 300) as the U-100 formulation in the same 3-mm cartridge. In short, this means it lasts longer, providing a more efficient and convenient option for people with type 1 diabetes and people with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes.
“Diabetes is a progressive disease that often requires increased doses of insulin over time to better control a patient’s blood sugar levels,” said David Kendall, vice president of medical affairs for Lilly Diabetes.
“Fewer pen changes per month may help people who require higher daily doses of mealtime insulin better fit their treatment in their daily lives.”
Humalog is rapid-acting insulin used to improve the glycemic control of people with diabetes. Its rapid-acting nature makes it more likely to trigger severe hypoglycemia than longer-acting forms of insulin.
Mike Maso, vice president of US Lilly Diabetes, said: “We are proud to advance our commitment to supporting people with diabetes. Humalog U-200 KwikPen is an example of our work to improve the patient experience. This product is the newest addition to Lilly’s growing portfolio of diabetes treatment options.”

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