Medtronic and Fitbit have started collaborating on the next version of the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) iPro2’s myLog mobile app, which will include new fitness tracking features.
The concept of tracking health-related numbers isn’t new for people with diabetes, but integrating a steady stream of data from wearable fitness devices into CGMs is, and it could give users insights into how exercise impacts their blood sugar levels.
Until now, Medtronic’s iPro2 Professional CGM system had a connected mobile app that only displayed glucose and sensor data. The new release of the myLog app will now integrate physical activity details collected from a user’s Fitbit activity tracker.
The new version of the CGM mobile app is already available for Apple and Android devices. It is, however, not known whether all models of Fitbit trackers will be compatible with the app.
The new app could help people with type 2 diabetes create healthier habits when it comes to physical activity, especially seeing how a large majority of people have trouble meeting targets recommended in exercise guidelines.
Additional data from the fitness tracker that will feed into the app could make people more aware of the extra amount of physical activity they need to put in to meet those targets. It could also help cut daily sitting time.
Furthermore, it can inform doctors about what sort of exercise and how much of it they should recommend to someone based on accurate data of their current physical activity.
For example, the emphasis may be on light walking for previously sedentary adults with the objective of achieving a minimum step goal every day, which can be set up on the app.
This all-in-one integrated CGM and fitness wearable could make it easier for people to track their activity levels and make healthier choices in their fitness routine based on this information.

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