Diabetes.co.uk has announced the formation of an elite Advisory Panel of doctors and healthcare professionals.
The panel, whose members range from nutritionists to nurses to GPs, is designed to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare methods and the emerging field of digital healthcare.
Bridging the gap with digital healthcare
Many online communities like Diabetes.co.uk have proven hugely successful in using digital spaces to empower people to improve their health outcomes. Online forums allow users to share the expertise they have developed through decades of living with diabetes, thereby providing a valuable – and extremely cost-effective – educational resource.
In fact, Diabetes.co.uk reports that, after six months of using the forum, 77 per cent of the 180,000 forum members improve their understanding of diabetes.
These platforms have also created a cohesive “voice” for the diabetes community, which has generated momentum for new ideas concerning bringing low-carb dieting and blood glucose testing to users in an easy-to-follow format, which has particular benefit for many people with type 2 diabetes.
Despite these benefits, traditional healthcare bodies have tended to resist the rise of digital healthcare, citing concerns about the authority of information provided and its effect on the doctor-patient relationship.
The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to bridge this gap between traditional healthcare and digital healthcare, allowing these issues to be negotiated and ultimately solved.
Who is on the panel?

Dr. David Cavan – Digital health education advisor
Dr. David Unwin – Working with patients to improve health outcomes without using medication
Professor Roger Gadsby – Bridging the gap between real world experience and clinical trials (RCTs)
Dr. Ketan Dhatariya – Reducing inpatient spend through digital interventions, awareness and education
Dr. Simon Eaton – Utilising digital solutions to ensure individualized and compassionate care
Dr. Charles Fox – Exploring digital solutions to engage and affect health outcomes of older people
June James – Widening the benefits of digital capabilities within the nursing community
Dr. Partha Kar – Exploring efficacies of digital pathways and education solutions and promoting models of care
Dr. Tabitha Randell – Creating engaging digital solutions for children and young people with diabetes
Dr. Chris Gillespie – Providing and improving emotional support and wellbeing within the digital community
Dr. Gerry Rayman – Exploring educational solutions to provide increased knowledge and awareness

“Each panel member is outstanding in their field,” said Charlotte Summers, Chief Operating Officer of Diabetes.co.uk. “We’re so excited to explore how digital health can affect real world health.
“We are really proud to provide a platform that gives people an opportunity to improve their health. After six months of using the forum, 77 per cent of members improve their understanding of diabetes. It’s remarkable but there’s so much more to be done.
“We want to bridge the gap between people with diabetes and the clinical community, digitally. The Advisory Panel is an integral part of that, enhancing our ability to improve health outcomes for people.”

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