The family of a young child who was on the brink of dying from type 1 diabetes have vowed to dedicate their lives to fundraising for the condition.
Aged just 19 months, Kara Elwood from Glasgow, was rushed to hospital with breathing problems.
At the time Kara’s parents did not know that she had type 1 diabetes and it was only when she was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital that she was diagnosed.
Speaking to The Scotsman newspaper, her father Chris said: “The problem with diabetes is that not many people know of it or don’t think it is a serious health condition.”
Kara’s parents had noticed she had not been herself and tried to get a doctor’s appointment that day but their surgery said there were no free appointments. By the evening her condition deteriorated and an ambulance was called.
Doctors immediately began to try to bring Kara’s blood glucose levels down and ensure her condition remained stable, which they managed to do.
But Kara’s parents said if they had left it any longer, the results would have been devastating.
Chris added: “They were considering transferring her to a London hospital due to how ill she was. We were told if we arrived two hours later she probably would not have survived.”
Kara is now fine and coping with her condition and her parents have decided to do all they can to help raise awareness of the condition.
They have launched a series of fundraising campaigns and want to arrange charity trips to Disneyland Paris.
Chris said: “We are dedicated to raising money and saving lives. So far we have raised just over £14,000 for Diabetes UK. We also arrange trips by coach, and upcoming trips include ones to Disneyland Paris in February.”
Editor’s note: As a parent, it is imperative to know the symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children, which include frequent urination and feeling tired all the time. Type 1 diabetes is a dangerous condition if it is left untreated for too long, and you should immediately consult your doctor if your child is showing symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

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