Saxenda(liraglutide) has shown to be effective in delaying the progression to type 2 diabetes when used alongside diet and exercise.
The results, presented at the 52nd European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting in Munich, found liraglutide lowered body weight and blood glucose levels.
A total of 2,254 overweight and obese adults with prediabetes were involved in this research, in which data was taken from the SCALE obesity and prediabetes trial.
The participants were randomly assigned to 3mg of subcutaneous liraglutide once daily or placebo, and treated with a lifestyle intervention which saw their caloric intake reduced to 500 kcal per day. Participants were also asked to do 30 minutes of physical activity each day.
The researchers at Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark divided the participants into four groups based on their BMI at the beginning of the study.

After a three-year follow-up period, fewer participants in the liraglutide group developed type 2 diabetes compared to those taking placebo. Moreover, the liraglutide group took, on average, 2.7 times longer to develop type 2 diabetes.
Liraglutide participants also lost more weight and had lower fasting glucose levels. In comparison, no changes were observed in the placebo group.
“Liraglutide 3mg compared with placebo improved glycemic control, beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity across all BMI subgroups,” said lead author Sten Madsbad, MD, DMSc.
“There is no indication that the effect of liraglutide 3mg on glycemic control and beta-cell function differ between the four BMI subgroups. Liraglutide 3mg was generally well tolerated in all BMI subgroups.
“There were no clear patterns regarding total and serious adverse events across the BMI subgroups,” Madsbad added. “The rates of gastrointestinal and hypoglycemic events were higher in the patients treated with liraglutide, but did not differ between the four BMI subgroups.”

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