The Diabetes Forum on has welcomed its 250,000th member.
The forum has been active since 2006 and has been steadily growing, attracting new members all of the time. Whilst the look of the forum has changed over time, and new features have been introduced, the ethos has very much continued in the same vein.
The forum is all about you. It’s all about people who live with and care about diabetes. It’s about enabling people to understand things and help others at the same time.
The diabetes community has achieved wonderful things. Individuals have gained acceptance and control over their diabetes and confidence to overcome a range of other health challenges.
Meanwhile, the community has been a wider inspiration too. The forum has informed the work we do on the website. Reading the thoughts of the community has allowed us to understand which methods really help people with diabetes in managing their condition.
What we have learnt has allowed us to develop practical guidance that anyone can follow. In 2013, 20,000 members of the forum helped us towards crafting the Low Carb Program. Since it was launched in November 2015, the program has followed the example of the forum by helping thousands of people to gain control over their diabetes in easy, practical ways.
The forum has also been an inspiration for forward thinking healthcare professionals. In December 2015, Dr David Unwin won the award for NHS North West Innovator of the Year. He credits the Diabetes Forum for showing him how people could achieve outstanding control of their blood glucose through lifestyle changes alone. His surgery now has an excellent success rate in treating people with diabetes and is saving the NHS thousands of pounds on diabetes drugs each month.
To see just how beneficial the Diabetes Forum has been on people’s lives, take a look at the Success Stories subforum. It is full of people sharing their excitement at what they have achieved and their gratitude for all of those on the forum who have helped them.
Many of our long-time forum users note that the forum has given them so much in terms of understanding and confidence that they are now giving back by helping others.
You too can benefit from the millions of years of collective diabetes experience that the Diabetes Forum provide; join the Diabetes Forum today.

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