President Donald Trump has released a statement to mark Diabetes Awareness Month by declaring his commitment to tackling all forms of diabetes.
The president’s statement was published on the official website of the White House, where he highlights the positive work being done regarding research developments and the need for people to make positive changes to diet and lifestyle to improve their health.
Trump’s statement said: “My Administration is committed to empowering more Americans with the tools and research needed to combat all forms of diabetes.
“Every American should take charge of his or her own care by learning about diabetes, and making appropriate modifications to their diets and lifestyles.
“We are close to achieving the goals of developing artificial pancreas devices and personalized options for automated blood glucose testing and insulin delivery. Together, we will fight to overcome all forms of diabetes and ensure a healthier future for all Americans.”
It is great to see the White House releasing this statement and that it touches on improving diet and nutrition is important because we know that making positive dietary changes can help prevent type 2 diabetes and even put the condition into remission.
Diabetes Awareness Month began in 1991 as a means of boosting diabetes research as well as awareness of the condition and its many types among people worldwide.
This year is relaunching its #FacesOfDiabetes campaign to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month. The social media campaign encourages users to share their selfies and stories to show what diabetes really looks like.
You can also get involved by checking out our Diabetes Awareness Month 2017 Phone Wallpapers and adding one of our Diabetes Awareness Month frames to your Facebook profile picture.

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