An Australian woman has shared the story of how she lost more than 15 stone by cutting out carbs in a bid to motivate others struggling with their weight.
At one stage Shari Ware, 42, believed she weighed over 28 stone down through excessive eating.
Shari, from Southport in Queensland, said she used to struggle to get out of bed and told her daughter she felt embarrassed over her size.
Then in 2010, she began to make changes to her diet, ditching starchy carbohydrate in favour of extra vegetables and healthy fats, and exercising more.
Within a year she lost a stone, then another seven stone came off in her second year and five stone more in year three.
Speaking to, she said: “My biggest issue was mainly that I used to eat too much of rice, pasta and bread. I ate them more often than is healthy and my portion sizes were way too big because I loved those foods so much.
“On a daily basis nowadays, I eat lots of fresh vegetables, some fresh fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats. I continue to educate myself and continue to make changes one at a time to create a healthier life.
“I no longer worry about being an embarrassment to anyone, including my daughter. And I wake up every day with joy instead of dread because I no longer cry out in pain when I put my feet on the floor for the first time.”
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