A woman with type 2 diabetes who drank 30 cans of Coca-Cola a day has turned her health around after going low carb.
Mother-of-four Donna Gunner, 51, from Woolavingto, Somerset, said her addiction to the fizzy beverage led to her drinking around 70 litres a week, resulting in her gaining weight and being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
But having adopted a low carb lifestyle, Donna has now been able to come off her type 2 diabetes medication and her cravings have subsided.
She said: “I was totally addicted. When I tried to come off it I literally went cold turkey. I got the shakes, headaches and cravings, like a druggy, but I knew I needed to change.
“I had no idea I had a problem, but I’d wake up a couple of times in the night and crack a can open, craving the sugar and caffeine.”
Her previous attempts to lose weight had not been successful, but her habit was soon transformed after being recommended our Low Carb Program by her GP, Dr Peter Foley, from Somerset’s Polden Medical Practice.
Since joining the Low Carb Program, Donna’s weight has fallen from 93.3kg (14.7 stone) to 65.4kg (10.3 stone). She also now runs three miles every day, has stabilised her blood sugar levels and no longer requires her type 2 diabetes medication.
Donna believes her fizzy drink habit has cost her £50,000, something she deeply regrets.
“Looking back, I feel disgusted at how much money I wasted and what I did to my body. I’d have a can as soon as I opened my eyes, another two before I even left for work, another one on the drive in and then another with breakfast at my desk.”
Now, though, her health is back on track. “Even now, I still get a craving for Coke,” she added. “But I have a bottle of sparkling water instead. There’s no way I’m going to crack.”

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