Abbott has announced it will increase the number of FreeSyle Libre sensors people can buy at one time.
Customers will now be able to order three sensors at a time, having previously been restricted to two.
Abbott, the manufacturers of the FreeStyle Libre, had put in place a restriction earlier this year due to a surge in demand in the flash glucose monitoring system.
Customers will be limited to ordering once every day 25 days, but the amount of sensors customers can order will increase. This will provide greater contingencies and leeway for people who buy their own sensors. The free postage will continue, Abbott said.
This move will only affect people who buy the sensors privately and does not have an impact on those who are prescribed the system by the NHS.
Additionally, Abbott has announced that people who have been on a waiting list to buy the FreeStyle Libre since 1 April will be able to purchase the system in the “coming days”.
A spokesman for Abbott said: “Thanks for your continued patience. We’re glad to let you know that those of you who registered to order the FreeStyle Libre system since 1 April will be invited to purchase the product by email invitation over the coming days. Customers can order three sensors every 25 days for the time being to ensure that current customers will have access, and all shipping charges will be waived.”
The FreeStyle Libre System has been described as “game-changing technology” because it allows people with diabetes to view their glucose in charts without the need for finger-prick blood testing.
It was made available on the NHS in November last year, but many people have struggled to get it prescribed in what is being increasingly labelled as a postcode lottery, so have taken to buying it privately.

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