Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has issued a recall to pharmacies in possession of a particular batch of Fiasp FlexTouch insulin.
Novo Nordisk has urged those in possession of Fiasp FlexTouch with the batch number HP50949 to send the product back as soon as possible.
The recall has been initiated because it is thought some insulin from this specific batch might contain particles which could affect patient safety.
In an online letter, Novo Nordisk’s director of CMR Avideh Nazeri, said: “To protect patient safety Novo Nordisk is recalling all products in the affected batch from wholesalers and pharmacies in the UK.”
Pictures of the product’s box have also been published to help people identify it easily. The batch number can be found on the Fiasp FlexTouch box and on the label of the Fiasp FlexTouch pen. The batch expiry date is 11/2019.
Those who may have already used the affected insulin may experience high blood sugar levels or injection site reactions. It is advised they seek advice from their doctor on how to deal with any further adverse effects.
Ms Nazeri added: “The safety of the patients is the utmost importance for Novo Nordisk. We strive to produce and distribute the highest quality products for your use. We sincerely apologise for this unfortunate situation and the concerns and inconvenience it may cause.”
If you have any questions you can contact the UK Novo Nordisk customer service desk on 0845 600 5055 or via email at [email protected].

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