For Ann Holloway, changing her dietary approach was a wake-up call. She has now reduced her risk of type 2 diabetes and has significantly improved her blood glucose levels.
An, 82, joined the Low Carb Program following an annual review with her nurse. She was informed that she was at high risk of type 2 diabetes, and that she had prediabetes.
“Following that, I believe it was [my nurse] that recommended I went on the website. It was there that I found the Low Carb Program, I didn’t really know anything about it beforehand.”
Anne has since completely turned around her eating habits. She didn’t want to go onto medication, and because diabetes ran in her family so became proactive in turning her health around.
She hadn’t been given any prior dietary advice, so joined the Low Carb Program with an open mind and a willingness to make a change.
“I’ve stuck to it and lost just over a stone,” said Anne. “I felt so sluggish and fatigued beforehand but now I have lots of energy. I had reached 82 and I was putting it down to just being old. That’s not to say I don’t struggle from time to time but I was impressed that in three months from starting I’d managed to reverse my blood sugar results.”
Alongside adjusting her diet, Ann is a keen exercise buff. “I’ve tried to walk a bit faster, I go out for a walk everyday and I go swimming sometimes too. It’s not made a huge difference in comparison to the diet but I can certainly tell I have more energy.”
As most people who join the Low Carb Program find out, Ann was surprised to discover just how much sugar was in certain foods.
“I was surprised that fruit was particularly high. Lots of things, some foods were much lower in carbs than I thought they were, such as cream or creme fraiche, and some were much higher. It’s a completely different diet to other diets you see such as low fat or low calorie.
“It was definitely a wake-up call for me.”
You can read Ann’s full story here.

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