Diabetes Awareness Month: I cut out starchy carbs and halved my HbA1c

Jack Woodfield
Mon, 05 Nov 2018
Diabetes Awareness Month: I cut out starchy carbs and halved my HbA1c
In today's Diabetes Awareness Month success story we're looking at Tom Orr, who cut out pasta and rice and saw a significant improvement in his HbA1c.

Ten years ago, Tom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and advised by his diabetic nurse to continue to eat starchy carbohydrates. He followed this advice for years, but when his weight continued to spiral upwards he knew he needed to make a change.

When Tom did his own research online he learned about the impact foods such as pasta and rice have on blood glucose levels. Starchy carbohydrates are broken down into glucose in the body very quickly.

Tom adopted a low carb lifestyle and joined our award-winning Low Carb Program. A decade on from his diagnosis, having shed 20kg (3st 1lb) on the way to reducing his HbA1c from 102 mmol/mol (11.5%) to 39 mmol/mol (5.7%), Tom is now one of our Low Carb Champions.

Now living in Thailand with his wife, Tom's diet takes full advantage of the local food on his doorstep, including fresh fish, in following a low carb approach.

Throughout Diabetes Awareness Month, we are telling the stories of inspirational people within the diabetes community who have achieved great progress in managing their diabetes.

We have already showcased the stories of retired nurse Rachel Griffin, who lost almost six stone by following a low carb diet, and John Dixon, who cut carbs and improved his diabetic retinopathy.

Look out for tomorrow's story and stay in touch with the various campaigns we are running throughout November, including #BlueNovember. You can also get involved on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #StrongerTogether.
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