To mark the final day of this year’s Diabetes Awareness Month we’re sharing the “miracle” story of a man who put his type 2 diabetes into remission after his wife changed his diet without him knowing.
Manish Chaudhry, who came to live in the UK from India in 2004, said type 2 diabetes had been in his family for generations.
Speaking to the Redditch Standard newspaper, the sales manager said: “I also had the condition, and at 17 stone, it was becoming a major hindrance to my life.”
He decided he wanted to do something to radically change his life, so his wife Poonam decided to take matters into her own hands.
She changed the ingredients she cooked Manish’s meals (although she did not reveal the specifics behind these changes) and soon after her husband began to lose weight.
“When I first started serving Manish he didn’t notice the change,” she said. “After a month I asked Manish to weigh himself and he was astonished to see his weight had dropped by 9lbs.”
The weight loss inspired Manish and he decided to start exercising, while continuing to eat better.
Manish said: “In my job as a regional sales manager, I had to deliver regular presentations. During the presentation I constantly found myself wondering if my colleagues were listening or looking at how fat I was. Now instead of baggy clothes I wear nice fitting suits and my confidence has soared.”
But, it was only when he visited his family recently in India, when he realised how far he had come.
He said: “My family didn’t know that I had been losing weight so it was a complete shock when they saw me. They had never heard of anyone reversing their diabetes before – they thought it was impossible. When I explained how simple lifestyle changes could make a difference they were in disbelief.”
Type 2 diabetes is more common in south Asians, but stories such as Manish’s show it is possible to resolve the condition by making healthy lifestyle changes.
Our Low Carb Program has helped people put their type 2 diabetes into remission by eating a real-food diet, cutting down on sugary and processed foods.
Visit our News section to see the success stories from the Low Carb Program and Diabetes Forum that we have showcased throughout Diabetes Awareness Month.

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