The importance of reducing the risk of diabetes-related complications has been emphasised after new data was revealed by the NHS.
The NHS National Diabetes Audit is one of the largest annual clinical audits worldwide, integrating patient information from primary and secondary care practices to assess how care could be improved.
This year’s audit has been released, and it contains an important finding: each week, 500 deaths from avoidable complications such as kidney disease and sight loss could be prevented among people with diabetes.
Over the last three years, deaths from preventable diabetes-related complications have increased by roughly 10%.
This is undeniably concerning information, but it hopefully highlights how complications are indeed preventable.
People with diabetes can reduce their complications risk through focusing on positive changes to health, such as restricting sugar intake. These days many of us do not realise how much sugar is being sneaked into foods by manufacturers.
Getting regular exercise is too beneficial for all-round health and your health team can help you choose a level of activity that is appropriate for you.
Charity Diabetes UK has called on NHS England to continue to improve the quality of local diabetes services, which it has been doing through the Diabetes Transformation Fund.
Since 2017, the NHS Diabetes Transformation Fund has invested more than £80 million across England to improve diabetes care.
The charity stressed that while good work is being done, the statistics revealed in the National Diabetes Audit highlight how the NHS needs to help curb the growing numbers of preventable deaths as a matter of urgency.
Editor’s note: Eating a low carb diet has been shown to have heart health benefits and our award-winning Low Carb Program has helped people with diabetes lose weight, reduce their HbA1c levels and even put type 2 diabetes into remission.

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