Children from primary schools in Jersey have been swapping their uniforms with onesies and pyjamas to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes.
The ‘Wear One for Type 1’ initiative, as reported by ITV News, is being run by Diabetes Jersey, which spends around £100,000 a year to raise awareness of diabetes.
Diabetes Jersey, the only diabetes charity based on the island, launched the campaign to raise awareness of the condition among children.
Pupils from 11 local primary schools across the island are set to take part. The aim is for youngsters to have fun while also learning about type 1 diabetes, its symptoms and how people with the condition manage it.
There are about 400 people who live in Jersey with type 1 diabetes, 10% of them are school age. About 4,000 Jersey residents have type 2 diabetes.
Bill O’Brie, chairman of the charity, told ITV News: “This is a magnificent initiative which will not only raise funds for the charity but also raise the profile of the condition, particularly to the young people who are the classmates of any pupil with the condition.”
JDRF, a charity dedicated to type 1 diabetes, also runs a similar awareness scheme called ‘#TypeOnesie’, where they encourage people to wear a onesie to “stand out and stand up to type 1” at work, school or home. has published a book in a collaboration with Dr David Cavan called ‘Take Control of Type 1 Diabetes’, which outlines a step-by-step plan to support people manage the condition.
Additionally, we are also in the process of launching our Type 1 Program to help people control their diabetes by reducing carbohydrates in their diet. All those interested can register here.

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