Welsh rugby player Tyler Morgan has completed a remarkable comeback after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
In May this year, the 23-year-old complained of weight loss and feeling unwell and kept getting injured. He was then told he had type 1 diabetes.
Determined not to let the condition hold him back, Morgan has just been recalled to the Welsh national side.
He now aims to add to his four international appearances, which were all earned before his diagnosis.
The centre, who plays club rugby for Welsh side the Dragons, is part of a 37-man squad which will complete in four November matches this autumn.
Speaking to BBC Sport, he said: “It was a shock to be diagnosed with the diabetes but it comes with its pros and cons. I know how to look after myself now. I struggle some days with it but overall it’s not too bad. I’d never call myself unlucky in this situation I’m in – it’s a dream job. I get to train with the boys and come into work in shorts every day so it’s not too bad.”
Morgan made his made his Wales debut in August 2015, but has since struggled with injuries. His 2017-18 season was hampered by foot and ankle injuries, which he believes were down to his diabetes.
“The last year it felt like I wasn’t myself and I couldn’t play my game and I wondered what was wrong. It was good to get my answer and know I wasn’t just getting rubbish at rugby! It’s nice to get back on track and getting back in the Wales squad gives me that confidence back.”
Discussing his diabetes management, Morgan said: “I inject with insulin every day and have a blood scanner in my arm. It’s manageable if you look after yourself well and keep yourself healthy. There’s a lot of boys [with diabetes] in football, rowing … it’s doable.”
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For more information on playing rugby with diabetes, or information on other activities, visit our Diabetes and Sport section.

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