As Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week continues, so do the stories from our inspiring members. Today we’re sharing Dave Daffins’ amazing transformation.
Dave left an appointment with his diabetes nurse holding a leaflet for Diabetes Digital Media (DDM). He had recently been diagnosed with prediabetes after a general health check highlighted that he had high blood glucose levels.
Turning to DDM for more information, Dave found and joined the Low Carb Program, determined to change his lifestyle. Since making the change to low carb, Dave has lost over 25kg and dropped from a 44-inch waist to 32.
“I think really the motivation was that I didn’t want to get type 2 diabetes and I wanted to stay healthy,” Dave told the Low Carb Program.
The videos on the program helped motivate Dave and he was surprised at the variety of food he could eat. His go-to meal is usually chicken or fish with a large salad, but he still eats with the family; he just loads up on vegetables and protein whilst keeping potatoes to a minimum.
Dave admits the first few days were the hardest as he was used to eating a lot of carbs, including chocolate and pints of larger, but he assures that “once you get through the first few days it becomes a lot easier.”
Since the weight loss Dave has embraced a more active lifestyle; he enjoys playing cricket more, daily walks and even a bit of jogging. “I used to get out of breath a lot more, but now I feel great. I can’t believe how fit I’ve become.”
Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week is a great opportunity to reaffirm that type 2 diabetes and prediabetes can be prevented by eating a healthy, real-food diet and getting regular exercise. Visit our News section for the success stories we’ve showcased so far.
If you sign up for an annual subscription to the Low Carb Program during Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week, you will receive a free printed copy of our 7-Day Low Carb Kickstarter Guide.

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