Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week is a great opportunity to reaffirm that type 2 diabetes and prediabetes can be prevented by eating a healthy, real-food diet and getting regular exercise.
Throughout this week we’ve spotlighted some incredible success stories from people who’ve turned around their prediabetic blood glucose levels through making positive diet and lifestyle changes.
Our featured success story today is Ike Harvey who despite years of counting calories was shocked to find out his blood glucose levels had risen into the prediabetes range.
Ike was recommended for the ‘NHS Healthier You’ programmen, but with a six-month wait for the course to begin he searched online for alternatives and found the Low Carb Program.
Before he was told he had prediabetes, Ike had been following a low calorie, low fat diet. His weight and blood sugars had still increased, so he turned to a low carb lifestyle.
“I think the shock of finding out I was prediabetic kick-started the diet,” Ike told the Low Carb Program.
Ike focused less on calories and instead gradually reduced his carbs from 120g to 10g by cutting out potatoes, rice and pasta and opting for ‘veggie rice’ as an alternative.
Fruit was a big change for Ike, who he had previously eaten a lot of high carb fruit. He cut out all fruit initially, but now chooses to have an occasional snack of berries, which are low in carbs.
“I lost 10kg (1st 8 lbs) in around two months and my blood glucose was no longer in the prediabetes range.”
Ike now has a daily food plan that includes homemade wheat brans, chicken with veggie rice, eggs and cheese.
Alongside changes to his diet, Ike is now more active and walks his dog twice a day to help him average 7,000 steps a day.

Ike admits he needs to keep his carb intake lower than many people on the program, but low carb works for him. “I find I gain weight if I raise my carbs even slightly.”
Asked what advice he would give to someone starting a low carb lifestyle Ike suggests, “Put everything you eat into a food diary. Some people might be put off by weighing their food, but once you’ve weighed it a few times you can start to guess what foods weigh.”
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