The views of people with type 2 diabetes are being sought to help inform the development of a new NHS England website.

The NHS is creating the resource for adults with the condition to provide education and information, offer emotional support and help and advice about lifestyle, diet and exercise.

The website will be the first service of its kind from NHS England. As part of the consultatio, NHS England also wants to hear from family or friends who may support someone with type 2 diabetes as well as healthcare professionals.

While type 2 diabetes rates have increased in recent years, there is significant research to show that eating a healthy, real-food diet can help people put the condition into remission. Last year, the one-year outcomes of Diabetes Digital Media’s Low Carb Program revealed one in four users achieved type 2 diabetes remission.

To complete the 10-question survey, click here. It will be live until Monday 2 September, 2019.

Once the feedback is gleaned, the website will be developed by NHS England and Improvement as well as Public Health England and charity Diabetes UK.

An NHS England spokesperson said: “The new offer will mean people with type 2 diabetes have evidence-based information and support available at the touch of a butto, via an online portal, giving them convenient and quick help to deal with the physical and mental challenges of diabetes.

“The resource will make the right advice available from homen, work or on the move, helping people manage their health and wellbeing independently, potentially preventing the need for extra medical attention or the condition becoming worse.

“The survey will take less than five minutes to complete and your answers will help to shape the new website. Responses will be completely anonymous and there are no right or wrong answers.”

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