A self-proclaimed herbalist has been sentenced to prison for his role in the death of a teenager with type 1 diabetes.
Timothy Morrow has been given a four-month sentence behind bars for child abuse and practicing medicine without the correct qualification.
The 84-year-old was accused of contributing to the death of Edgar Lopez, 13, who passed away after Morrow had convinced his parents to use herbal products to treat him, instead of insulin.
Morrow did not give evidence during his trial, but repeatedly denied telling Edgar’s parents this during police interviews.
However, the court did view YouTube videos Morrow had previously posted, in which he stated insulin was “poisonous to the system” and that vaccines were “absolute poison” for children. He has now been ordered to remove all that content from the internet.
Edgar’s weight dropped significantly in the weeks before his death and even when he started to show signs of ill health, Morrow told his parents to keep rubbing lavender oil on his spine and gave them herbal medication for him.
Morrow allegedly told them that their son was having a “healing crisis” and eventually he would be cured from his diabetes for life. Even when his breathing was affected, Morrow told the family to open the windows.
The boy was eventually admitted to hospital once his breathing had become even more laboured and he eventually passed away from a cardiac arrest.
During the trial a medical examiner gave evidence, stating that if Edgar had been given proper medical treatment he would have survived.
Edgar’s mother Maria Madrigal told the jury, via a Spanish interpreter, that Morrow had told her “not to trust” doctors and that she felt he had “absolutely” brainwashed her.
In addition to the prison sentence, Morrow has been ordered to cover Edgar’s funeral costs and to pay a fine of $5,000.
Earlier this year a US pensioner was arrested for posing as a doctor and telling people he could cure their diabetes if they paid him.

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