Today marks the start of Diabetes Awareness Month which unites the global diabetes community and raises awareness of a set of conditions that affect millions of people across the globe.

This year, the theme is diabetes and the family. It is an opportunity to illustrate how diabetes affects more than those diagnosed, it affects families and communities too.

This Diabetes Awareness Month, we are encouraging people with diabetes to join and be #EmpoweredTogether as a global diabetes family.

The month of November represents a time for people with diabetes to share their individuality in how they and their family live with diabetes. It is also a chance to share the similarities in what people with different types of diabetes are living with.

Diabetes Awareness Month enables us all to bring the diabetes community together, to share stories and ideas, and to collectively benefit from years of experience and acquired knowledge. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that we are in this together.

The Diabetes Forum has been the diabetes family home for many people with diabetes. Over 2 million posts show how the forum has helped people to join an ever-welcoming community of people with diabetes, ready to share their experiences and help each other out.

During Diabetes Awareness Month we will be taking to social media to raise awareness of the condition, so it is better understood by people with and without diabetes.

We want to make November a month where we share your stories to help raise awareness and highlight the importance of all those behind the scenes, the parents who dutiful dote on their children, friends who lend a supporting shoulder and the online community. Let’s be #EmpoweredTogether this Diabetes Awareness Month.

You can get involved in 1 of 2 ways:
1) Go to and upload your photo. Don’t forget to send it in so we can share it! We will then upload your photo, and accompanying story.

2) You can also get involved by applying a Facebook frame to your profile photo:
– Go to
– Search for “Diabetes Awareness Month 2019” in the search bar and pick the frame you want to use. There are 10 to pick from!

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