People who follow a low-carb diet for just 12 weeks increases their chances of putting type 2 diabetes into remission by 32%, a study has found.

A team from the Texas A&M University say those who ditch starchy carbs like pasta and potatoes for three months are more likely to reverse their type 2 diabetes half a year later when compared with other diets.

The trial involving 1,357 people. Most of the people from the research were overweight or obese and aged between 47 and 67.

The researchers said: “Type 2 diabetes remains a significant and worsening problem worldwide, despite many pharmaceutical developments.

“Structured diets are recognised as an essential component of treating diabetes but confusion remains about which to choose.”

Participants followed the diet for 12 weeks and were then followed up six and 12 months later.

With following a low-carb diet providing such positive results, the researchers think healthcare professionals should consider recommending the approach to people who wish to better control their type 2 diabetes better.

They wrote: “Future long term, well designed, calorie-controlled randomised trials are needed to determine the effects of low-carb diets on sustained weight loss and remission of diabetes.’

This latest research paper, which has been published in the BMJ, further supports the award-winning Low Carb Program that has been proven to demonstrated to support weight loss, improve glycaemic control, and reduce hypoglycaemic medications in people with type 2 diabetes.

Developed by Diabetes Digital Media (DDM), the Low Carb Program provides structured education and long-term behaviour change support for people wanting to improve their health.

The app provides the user with health coaching and personalised user experience so they can try to achieve self-selected health goals by reducing the amount of carbohydrates they consume to 130 grams a day.

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