Less than half of diabetes community are wearing a mask when going outdoors

A poll conducted on the Diabetes Forum has shown that just under half of the respondents (49.2%) are wearing a mask when going outdoors.

There were 266 respondents to a poll started by a forum member asking other members whether they were wearing a mask when going out.

The results of the question are you wearing a mask when going out?, as of September 26 were:

  • Yes – 49.2%
  • No – 32.0%
  • Considering it – 18.8%

The wearing of face coverings has been of debate in many areas across the world, including the UK.

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Previous research has suggested that those who wore a face mask were far more likely to follow COVID-19 guidelines, 7 times more likely to wash their hands, and 20 times more likely to avoid shaking hands with others.

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