After seeing her blood sugars rapidly rise, Ann was urged to reduce her carb intake to avoid relying on medication. Ann is now nearly 16kg lighter since implementing a low carb diet.

To prevent the intake of prescription drugs, Ann quickly learnt what food types increased her blood glucose.

She soon swapped pasta, rice and potatoes for lean meats, fish and vegetables.

With Ann’s friends trying to tempt her off the diet, she was still determined to avoid depending on medication to control her blood sugars.

She said: “People told me that I should go on medication, but I told them I didn’t want to.

“I said ‘I’ll eat my meal and you eat yours’ then we compared our blood sugars afterwards, theirs were certainly a lot higher.”

She added: “Some people say I’m too strict, but I tell them that I don’t take medication, so I need to be strict to control my blood sugars.

“I think there is this idea that taking medication just allows you to eat what you want.”

Since adopting the Low Carb Program, Ann has lost 15.9kg and lowered her blood sugars to 38 mmol/mol.

Her go-to meals are now omelettes, chicken, fish, crustless quiche and an aubergine bake.

Ann’s husband also consumes lots of low carb meals which has made the process easier for her.

Following the low carb lifestyle has also meant that Ann has increased her water intake and has boosted the amount of times she exercises.

“I think when you’re overweight you make a lot of excuses, but you have to plunge yourself into it because it’s a lifestyle change,” said Ann.

However, she does admit that making mistakes is inevitable but it’s how you get back on track which is key.

She said: “I’m not a saint and I do slip up from time to time, but I do get back on the wagon soon after.

“You have to get into the mindset and not make excuses for yourself.”

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