Australian-based researchers have discovered that hitting the gym when the sun goes down enhances your metabolism and makes it simpler to manage overnight blood sugar rates.

Scientists put 24 men in danger of developing type 2 diabetes on a high-fat diet to analyse their metabolic wellbeing.

The findings revealed that evening exercises decreased overnight glucose rates whereas morning workouts did not.

Experts say that the results are vital for those with type 2 diabetes who struggle with glucose management issues.

Primary researcher Dr Trine Moholdt said: “We found that exercising in the morning or evening induced similar improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness, but nocturnal glycaemic control only improved in the evening exercise group.

“The group who exercised in the early evening had lower nocturnal glucose concentrations. That is important because one of the things that individuals with type 2 diabetes experience are nocturnal spikes in glucose, so when they go to sleep their glucose peaks and spikes in the night.

“Our study was able to show that we could flatten those nocturnal spikes and that’s a really important finding because not only were the night-time glucose concentrations lower, the cholesterol was lower as well.”

Dr Moholdt and her team of researchers gathered the results by examining the outcome of 24 overweight men being placed on a high-fat diet for 11 successive days.

The academics measured the results by dividing the partakers into three groups where they would either work out in the morning, the evening or not at all.

The findings revealed a significant advantage in night time exercises in comparison to morning workouts.

Dr Moholdt said: “This study does suggest that evening exercise may be more beneficial for people with disrupted metabolism than the same exercise done earlier in the day.

“But I think it is vital to point out that it is much more important that you keep exercising than what time of day you are doing it.”

The entire set of results are available in the Diabetologia report.

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