In an exciting development for the diabetes community, a new podcast titled “Thriving with Diabetes” has been launched by, aiming to empower those living with diabetes to lead healthier, more informed lives.

The innovative podcast series is set to become a vital resource for anyone affected by diabetes, offering a unique blend of expert insights, latest research, and inspiring real-life stories.

Each episode of “Thriving with Diabetes” promises to be a comprehensive exploration into the various aspects of diabetes management. The podcast is designed not only to educate but also to inspire listeners to take control of their health and wellbeing. It addresses the challenges faced by those living with diabetes and provides practical advice on how to overcome them.

Listeners can look forward to a range of topics, including nutritional guidance, exercise tips, and the latest advancements in diabetes care.

The podcast aims to demystify the complexities surrounding diabetes management, making it more accessible and understandable for everyone.

A key feature of “Thriving with Diabetes” is its focus on real-life stories from individuals who are successfully managing their diabetes. These personal narratives offer hope and motivation, showing that a diabetes diagnosis does not have to limit one’s life. They also provide a sense of community and support, reminding listeners that they are not alone in their journey.

Moreover, the podcast features interviews with leading healthcare professionals.

Charlotte Summers, Founding Chief Operations Officer at DDM Health said: “We’re delighted to have world-leading experts share their knowledge and insights, offering up-to-date information on the latest diabetes research, treatment options, lifestyle advice and much more. This is a fantastic opportunity for listeners to stay informed and thrive with diabetes.”

“Our idea is to encourages listeners to engage with their health in a proactive way and provides the tools and knowledge needed to do so.”

She continues: “Whether you’re newly diagnosed, a long-term diabetes warrior, or a caregiver, this podcast has something for everyone.”

The first episode in the podcast series is available on Spotify.

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