Participate in paid diabetes market research surveys, interviews and online discussions. As part of the Rewards Program, you have an opportunity to influence future products and services by sharing your opinions, thoughts and experiences with diabetes and diabetes related products as well as other health-related matters.

Membership is completely free and you will be paid for any contribution you make and participation is totally at your discretion so you choose whether to take part or not for each offer.

The Rewards Program is a new collaboration between and Q One Tech, a leader in global market research services, to engage it’s members in paid market research. All research is managed in line with strict data privacy and local data collection law.

Get rewarded for your opinions

You will be rewarded for every survey you complete, with the usual amount between £2 and £50 per survey, depending on the length and nature of the interview. Taking surveys is completely optional and you can surveys at your own convenience.

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How it works

Joining the Patient Panel is simple.

Step 1: Register
It is simple to join our Reward Program: Fill out the registration form and answer all the questions so we can send you the right surveys that are relevant to you.

Step 2: Confirmation
Once you get to the last question in the registration form and click the ‘register’ button you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3: Participate
You will receive invitations to surveys that fit your diabetes profile. But the most important thing is that your information will make a difference and help others!


Please see a list of frequently asked questions below.

Q: Is me Rewards Program account separate from my account?
A: Yes, your Rewards Program account is provided in collaboration with QOneTech. Please create a new profile on the Rewards Program to access it.

Q: My email address has changed?
A: Please contact our customer support. We will be able to help you further.

Q: How often do I get invited to surveys?
A: We work together with various research agencies and the invite frequency can differ between multiple times a week to once a month. The more you participate the higher the chance you get invited to future studies.

Q: Protecting your account and data.
A: Here are a few tips and best practices that you should follow with your Reward Program account and anywhere on the internet to keep your account and data safe and secure:

  • Never share your password.
  • Change the temporary password you received from us when registering.
  • Create a strong password with digits and special characters. Tip: A long sentence is better than a short password.
  • Don’t use the same password for other websites.
  • Frequently update your password.
  • Keep your computer system, virus scanners, firewalls and software up to date.
  • Use a secure browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Always log out of your account.
  • Scan your computer frequently for viruses.
  • Don’t open links in emails or open attachments of senders you don’t know.

Q: Should I be concerned about privacy?
A: The privacy of our members is of paramount concern to The Reward Program is designed to protect our members’ privacy and personal information. stores personal information and survey data on physically separate and secure servers. Third parties have no access to individual member data.


Send your request to the dedicated Reward Program support email address [email protected].

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