Diabetes.co.uk is pleased to reveal that the Low Carb Program has been shortlisted in the Diabetes Education Category – Adults at the Quality in Care (QIC) Diabetes 2018 Awards.

The awards ceremony, which will be hosted on 18 October in Guildford, Surrey, celebrates “good practice in patient care” and aims to “support improved patience experience and outcomes”.

The nomination follows a significant period of success for the Low Carb Program, which in June was awarded a CE Mark, received QISMET approval and won Best Platform / Technology / Tool for Content at the UK Content Awards 2018.

The Low Carb Program is home to more than 356,000 people, and has helped thousands with type 2 diabetes to lose weight and normalise their blood sugar levels. In just two over two years, the program has demonstrated a cost saving to the NHS of £835 per person, per year in prescription costs.

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