Diabetes research networks in the UK are part of the UK clinical research network. Diabetes research networks help to support and ensure delivery of high quality clinical research studies.

This helps to make diabetes research more effective and, ultimately, push towards a diabetes cure.

Are diabetes research networks present in the UK?

Due to the large and growing importance of diabetes in UK public health, the Department of Health launched a National Institute for Health Research Diabetes Research Network in 2005.

What do diabetes research networks do?

The NIHR diabetes research network helps the UK to establish prevalence of diabetes, understand diabetes risk factors , and develop new strategies to both treat and prevent diabetes and diabetes complications.

The NIHR DRN also helps to disseminate these strategies into clinical practice.

The DRN is effectively health service infrastructure to support clinical research in diabetes.

Which diabetes research networks are available in the UK?

There are 4 major diabetes research network available in the UK.


The DRN consists of a network of primary and secondary care centres throughout the UK that is supported by the Department of Health.

The DRN conducts high-quality clinical research in both academic and commercial fields. The co-ordinating centre manages eight Local Research Networks (LRNs) designed to encompass the whole country.

The NIHR DRN is just one part of the part of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network and works closely with Networks in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to support clinical research across the UK, of which more below.

Scottish Diabetes Research Network

The Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN) began in 2006, commissioned by the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of the Scottish Government.

The goal of the SDRN is to improve the quality and up the quantity of diabetes research in Scotland, as part of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC).

Diabetes Research Network Wales

The Diabetes Research Network Wales (DRN Wales) unties researchers, clinicians and patients to make the quality of diabetes research and care better.

The Diabetes Research Network Wales aims to address the health burden caused by diabetes in Wales.

The DRN Wales is funded by the Welsh Office of Research and Development for Health and Social Care (WORD).

Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network

NICRN was established to support the clinical research community in Northern Ireland. NICRN aims to promote research in Northern Ireland, build partnerships and relationships within the network and research community , hit targets and maintain a network studies portfolio.

The NICRN also facilitated training and education and maximises research opportunities.

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