The following questions are questions that are regularly asked in regards to diabetes testing.

Are diabetes screening tests foolproof?

No, diabetes screening tests are not 100 per cent accurate.

What stops the diabetes screening test from working?

Some factors interfere with diabetes screening tests. These include taking Vitamin C (leave for 24 hours before testing.) Woman should wait until their period has finished before taking the test.

If the test reads negative, am I healthy?

If a diabetic screening test is negative, there is no assurance that you are healthy unfortunately. Furthermore, it is not certain that you do not have diabetes.

What changes should I make if my diabetes screening test reads positive?

If your diabetes screening test reads positive, you should make an appointment at once to see a doctor. Before making any changes, seek professional advice.

If I have tested negative in a diabetes screening test, should I test again?

Those people with one or more risk factors should be tested for diabetes every three years, according to experts. For those with no diabetes symptoms, once every five years is the suggested period.

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