The PainPod device helps to block pain receptors going to the brain while also contracting and releasing muscles to create a massage sensation. It was launched to deliver portable, drug-free pain relief.

PainPod is described as a “solution for localised pain relief and therapy on the go”, and the device could have positive implications for people with diabetes.

People with diabetes can reduce their risk of painful complications by eating a healthy, real-food diet and achieving good blood glucose control, but sometimes complications can occur which require treatment, often in the form of medication.

The PainPod is a drug-free class II medical device that has been shown to help people with migraine, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, among other conditions. It has also been effective in treating musculoskeletal, acute and chronic pain relief and reducing complications related to poor circulation.

Because our body’s natural healing process is slowed down when we experience pain, PainPod offers a solution by increasing blood flow and augmenting endorphin production to speedily and efficiently tackle pain.

It is now the world’s best-selling TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine that uses EMS technology (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) to augment the body’s healing process.

The PainPod 3 device, the most recent in the series, was voted by Forbes magazine in its top 10 home medical devices in 2019.

The team also got their hands on the PainPod and were really impressed with the levels of pain relief they experienced, from the rock climbers to the runners, everyone experienced an impact on their muscle pain.

The device features accessories such as a belt, gloves, socks and shoes to evenly distribute healing frequencies across the hands, feet, back or legs. has teamed up with biotechnology company Results in Wellness to provide members of the community an exclusive PainPod bundle offering effective pain relief for “anyone at any time”.

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