[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#F4B700″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]S[/mks_dropcap]o the kids have gone to bed and I have more than 5 minutes to myself, so I have dug out the instructions from my Almased parcel.

This trial is a 14 day programme so my plan is to keep notes and upload a blog in the evening the good, bad and the ugly, thought I might start with sharing some information on what the next 14 days will consist of. 

So, reading my booklet the 14 day plan is set into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Initiation phase days 1-3, which will be 3 Almased shakes a day.

Phase 2: reduction phase days4-7,  three Almased shakes a day plus one normal meal.

Phase 3: stabilisation phase 8-10, two meals a day plus one Almased shake a day.

Phase 4: life phase beginning of day 11, three lovely meals a day plus one Almased shake 

Now if like myself you struggle with your weight this can seem like a good aid to your weight loss as it claims you can lose up to 10 pounds in 14 days, and as well as containing important nutrients and other fancy things are body needs its gluten-free and contains NO ADDED SUGAR yes, you heard right, so you guessed it: diabetic friendly.

I don’t know if there are similar programmes, I haven’t come across one as of yet, it would appear phase one is a detox as apart from the shakes and plenty of fluid you are not allowed to eat anything else except some vegetable broth which is simple and cheap enough to make the recipe is in the booklet, there is a note: saying that if you feel hungry in the first few days, you can have an additional Almased shake.

When moving onto the next phases and you start to add in meals all seems well I shall try to stick to the recipes suggested pending on the availability of the produce and my own personal taste, all the meals seem quite nice: Italian style pasta, chilli con carne, cottage pie, asparagus with cherry tomatoes (not so sure about this one), clam chowder and chicken tikka, to mention a few. I’m sure this may be a great plan but when it comes to meals, something we can all eat as a family is what I find a plan I can stick to. If I have to cook separate meals for myself I know I won’t be successful as my days are crazy and full enough with very little spare time to prepare cook and shop separate for myself and affordability is key we all want to be successful if that weight loss or good blood glucose control, but if we have to rob a bank to achieve that, I’m not sure many will be able to achieve this. Me being one of them.

Now, moving on to the shakes themselves I would imagine they will be like any other shake out there but for me this information what I would like to know so here it goes:

Almased for diabetics “40g Almased = 1 carbohydrate exchange unit ”   I personally have yet to learn the art of carb counting next on my to-do list.

Preparing the Almased drink with 200ml of semi skimmed milk (less than 2% fat) instead of 200ml of water will increase the calorific value per Almased drink from 180 to 270 kcal. The main nutrients in one serving of milk based Almased drink are 33.1 grams protein, 24.8 grams of carbohydrates and 4.3 grams of fat.

I shall try both ways of making it with milk and just water and report later on taste.

I shall take to the scales on day 1 and shall return to them on day 14 and we shall see, I will keep a log of the BGs too of course, and activity I part take in no matter how small. Those trips to the school and local shops soon add up. 

lisa x

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