Day 3 passed, much like day 2: good BGs in target which is really giving me a lift. Real good sense of wellbeing as they haven’t been in target in forever!

The shakes have grown on me and actually the taste even though not great it don’t bother me. I have had a feeling of hunger this evening which has been annoying but my own fault as I really couldn’t be bothered to make up some broth which only takes an hour to make. I was just being lazy and ended up taking myself to bed. However, I am beginning to have a feeling of appreciation for food after not eating any for 3 days and still doing all the cooking for the family! I can also see where a few changes can be made, like in the evenings I tend to snack too much and I eat too much bread. I always believed my weight come from my sweet tooth but I’m not sure that is the case. I’m sure it’s more down to carbs. I’ll be honest however and say I am looking forward to sitting down with the family for dinner.

I will have to re look at the recipe book as to be honest I wouldn’t eat them dishes I tend to have a lot of herbs and spices added to my food and eat a lot of chicken, rice and salad. I will omit the salad dressing and make my own with just a drizzle of olive oil and lemon and cut down on the portion size of rice I have, but I really don’t have time, the energy or the finances to be doing different meals for us all I have enough funny eaters in my house as it is! The weekends are a very busy time for me being a football mum – son has match and training so will report on phase 2 (days 4-7) when I get a chance.

Good luck all xx

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