Well yesterday was strange. I didn’t feel particularly hungry, but I was totally exhausted, no energy whatsoever and I just hope that this doesn’t trigger a fibro flare up. I didn’t sleep too well,  that isn’t unusual for me, but what is was the numerous trips to the loo in the middle of the night… my body detoxing I would assume.

I’ve been up since 6am and I’m ravenous but sticking to my normal and pretty strict eating times of 8.30am, 12.45 and then usually it would be 5pm but I extended that to 6pm, so we shall see how it goes today.  I am going to try experimenting with the flavour this morning so I will let you all know whether it was better or worse (surely not), and if I get desperate I have a batch of the broth ready made in the freezer.  Every veggie you can think of went into it, well not quite, but it tastes really good, and will probably taste even better than usual I suspect  😉

So Happy Saturday to all, it’s a glorious sunny day here in the north east of Scotland and  hope it’s as nice wherever you are… drink your shakes and shake your day xx

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