Well day 14 was yesterday folks so this morning was crunch time, on the scales I went and … I have lost 9 & 1/2lb! Yes really … I could hardly believe it and I am so pleased. I feel that the biggest loss was in the first week because I spent days running to pee, but regardless of that I am really chuffed to have achieved this kick start to my plan to get down to my ideal weight.

My BG levels have returned to their fasting values of 4.9 – 5.3 and I would hope that I could keep them at the lower level as more weight comes off. I have more energy than before which is a massive plus for me because Fibromyalgia saps every bit of it from you …. in saying that I haven’t had a major flare up since starting the trial, so I’ve no idea how that will go, but I think that the overall increased energy levels I am experiencing can only help.

So I can thoroughly recommend Almased, and I will be staying on it for the foreseeable future.  I hope everyone else has done well and gained something from the experience as I have.

Happy Shaking shakers from a happy convert xx

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