Hello Everyone, it’s day nine and I have had a lovely email for Katie the nutrionalist at Almased offering to send me another can to finish the trial as I had mentioned that I was concerned I would not have enough Almased to see me through to the end.

I have found them to be really supportive in all aspects, from answering queries and general advice about certain side effects when first starting the plan. They really can’t do enough for you. Not only a fantastic product but fantastic staff!!!!!

Well seeing as I was going to my speed awareness course today I decided to take my shake with me for my lunch as it started at 12.30pm. Caused a bit of a stir and what with people’s generally nosy natures, it wasn’t long before we were all talking about Almased. The ladies there were especially interested. Always on the lookout for a great, easy weight loss plan aren’t we ladies! I found a fellow diabetic there and most people went away with Almased’s website and Jason went away with the diabetes website and Almased’s website.

All in a day’s work eh???

I found my concentration levels were excellent today and Im convinced it’s the Almased. With my underactive thyroid and my diabetes I sometimes have difficulty focusing my attention mid afternoon but had no trouble at all today. My mind felt sharp which was a great feeling.

Allowed two solid meals today so for breakfast I followed one of the suggestions in the booklet and had the ham omelette and for dinner I made the lamb stew. Delicious yet again! When you look at the amounts of meat in the recipes, it really doesn’t seem a lot but there is a seriously decent amount of food. Great news if you are a quantity kinda person like me.

So one more day with two solid meals then it’s onto the life phase with 3 meals a day with one Almased shake. I wonder if they need anyone to trial it for a year? Ooh ooh pick me pick me!!!!!

Hope you all have been great evening!!

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