There’s a perception of snacking as being inherently bad. Any eating done between meals, people think, should be a great source of shame, particularly for people with diabetes.

We disagree. If you make healthy choices, a bit of between-meal munching is no problem at all.

Here are 11 of the most convenient, quick-to-make low-carb snacks around.

low-carb snack lettuce
1. Turkey in lettuce

Those packs of thin turkey slices aren’t just for sandwiches. You can wrap a slice up in a piece of lettuce to make it low-carb. To make it more interesting, add a bit of mustard.

low-carb snack celery peanut butter
2. Celery and peanut butter

Celery’s boring. We all know it. But it can be a vessel for things that aren’t boring, like peanut butter. Slices of celery covered in peanut butter is a quick, convenient low-carb snack.

low-carb snack nuts
3. Unsalted nuts

Nuts are great for people with diabetes. They’re low-carb and full of good fats that protect you from heart disease. Just avoid the salted varieties.

low-carb snack cheese apple
4. Apple and cheese

Your average apple contains roughly between 10 and 15g of carbohydrates. Cutting half an apple up into slices and adding cheese makes for a convenient low-carb snack. It’s genuinely delicious, too.

low-carb snack olive
5. Olives

If you just want something to pick at, olives are an excellent low-carb option. 100g of olives contains around 6g of carbs – that’s around 40 olives.

low-carb snack avocado
6. Avocado

An excellent low-carb snack is a bowl of avocado and strawberries with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

low-carb snack yoghurt
7. Full-fat yoghurt

Full-fat yoghurt, on its own or with some berries, is a lovely low-carb snack. Just avoid the “low-fat” varieties. Manufacturers usually fill them with sugar to make up for the lack of fat.

low-carb snack berries
8. Berries

Of all the fruits, berries are one of the most low-carb. You can combine them with some full-fat yoghurt for a great low-carb snack, or just eat them in a bowl on their own.

low-carb snack cherry tomato
9. Cherry tomatoes

Six cherry tomatoes is about 4g of carbohydrates. A dozen or so make for a great low-carb snack – and they’re full of fibre, too.

low-carb snack boiled eggs
10. Boiled eggs

Nice and simple – a couple of boiled eggs can be a great low-carb snack.

low-carb snack dark chocolate
11. Dark chocolate as an occasional treat

Of all the different kinds of chocolate, dark chocolate has the lowest carb content. We recommend it as an occasional treat. The odd bit of dark chocolate is much better for you than diabetic chocolate, which doesn’t do much for your blood glucose levels and can have unfortunate laxative effects.

Low-carbers: what are your snacking strategies? Let us know.

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