We’ve compiled a list of our favourite low-carb egg recipes that are perfect for people with diabetes.

1. Salmon and Poached Eggs

A classic, elegant poached egg with salmon. Eggs-quisite. Get the recipe now

2. Egg Curry

Proving just how versatile eggs are, this recipe is full of flavour and spice. It’s more than yolk-ay – it’s delicious. Get the recipe here!

3. Banana Muffins

Shop-bought, stodgy cakes have got nuffin’ on these muffins. You’ll feel egg-static, eating these. Recipe available here

4. Tenderstems Eggs and Bacon

A beautifully balanced, flavoursome breakfast or brunch.  Eggs-traordinarily good. Try it now!

5. Scrambled Eggs on Rye Bread


Classic scrambled eggs are so easy to whisk-up. Eat this, and you’ve got it cracked. Get the recipe here

6. Scrambled Egg on Pea Pancakes

You don’t need toast; achieve hap-pea-ness at breakfast with this colourful, nutrient-packed dish. M-egg-a. Recipe available here

7. Crème Brulee

Sweeten things up with this eggs-ceptionally good dessert. Get the recipe now

8. Lemon Souffle

We’re not eggs-aggerating when we say, these are tangy, lemony pots of delight. Find the recipe here

9. Bacon, Egg and Tomatoes

Do fry this at home. Get it here

10. Tomatoey Baked Eggs

Never thought of baking eggs with tomatoes? Try this egg-centric recipe; you won’t be disappointed! Find the recipe here

11. Cloud Bread

Missing bread? Try this low-carb, eggs-travaganza alternative! Get the recipe here

Our free to download 365 Recipe Cookbook is packed with even more recipes and the Low Carb Program helps you make cooking easier (and tastier) than ever.

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