A bizarre episode of pass the pasty ensued after Liverpool’s away win at Plymouth.

Liverpool’s entertaining manager Jurgen Klopp was taken aback when a weighty Cornish pasty, larger than a football, was handed to him at a press conference.

“What’s that?” he quipped, astonished to see a large pastry in a box twice the size as a large pizza.

The German, clearly not accustomed to the West Country favourite, then informed the smiling chap handing him the gift, “unfortunately, I don’t eat carbohydrates!”

49 year-old Jurgen, who’s no slouch on the training field, clearly knows a thing or two about healthy nutrition.

The Liverpool boss is not only football coach to be of the opinion that carbs need to be limited. Norwegian side Strømsgodset won their country’s top division, in 2013, thanks in part to following a low-carb diet that helped their players to shed excess body fat.

Lamont D, on the Diabetes.co.uk Forum, is in a similar position as Klopp. He states that being on a low-carb, ketogenic diet: “has turned my life around. I am fitter and healthier than I have been in over thirty years. I live a full manual working life and coach football in my spare time.”

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