The variety of sugar content in cereal makes it a signficant food choice for everyone with diabetes.

Cereals with the lowest sugar content are naturally much better for people with diabetes, and it can be surprising just much sugar is packed in some well-known brands.

Because cereals are grains, and consequently high in carbohydrates, all cereals are likely to raise your blood glucose levels. Therefore, it’s best to limit your portion sizes to no more than the recommended size, which should be listed on each cereal box.

If you are following a low-carb diet, you could visit the Low Carb Program for healthier breakfast ideas.

To commemorate National Cereal Day over in the US, we’ve looked at some of the most popular breakfast cereals in the UK and surveyed the carbs and sugar content per 100g.

To help make this information easier to digest, we’ve grouped each cereal into the healthiest and unhealthiest options.

Right, on with the list.

The healthiest cereals, per 100g

The unhealthiest cereals, per 100g



Cereals which aren’t that unhealthy but quite high in carbs, per 100g


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